An advanced silicone film-forming wound dressing for postsurgical procedures


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  • What you should know:

    Made with a unique silicone technology, Stratamed is designed to be applied to a postsurgical wound, to help protect it from bacteria and prevent the formation of abnormal scars. It creates a self-drying, transparent, flexible, gas-permeable, waterproof gel sheet that adheres directly to the skin, covering your wound in order to ensure it heals properly. It’s also been shown to help minimize the discomfort and irritation typically associated with surgical wounds, such as itching, redness, and pain.

    Treats these skin concerns:
    • post-procedure care
    Ideal for these skin types:
    • normal
    • dry
    • oily
    • combination
    • sensitive
    • acne-prone
    • mature
    Suitable for these skin tones:
    Fair Type I
    Light Type II
    Medium Type III
    Tan Type IV
    Brown Type V
    Deep Type VI

    Learn more about how we use the Fitzpatrick scale

    • Studies have shown that silicone gel sheets have been proven efficacious in not only the treatment but also the prevention of keloid (firm, smooth growth) and hypertrophic (thick, raised) scars. Applying silicone gel sheets post-surgery after wound healing prevented the development of those types of scars in 75% to 85% of cases.
    • In an observational study, more than 80% of both patients and doctors rated silicone gel as good or very good at decreasing the redness, hardness, elevation, itching, and pain of recent scars over a three-month period.
    • A.M./P.M.:

    Clean and dry the wound, then apply a very thin layer over top of the area. Wait five to six minutes for gel to dry so that it creates a transparent, flexible film on the skin. For best results, Stratamed should be maintained in continuous contact with the skin 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the wound has fully healed. Apply once or twice daily, as needed. It can also be used under a secondary dressing, which can be put on immediately after the gel is applied—no need to wait for the gel to dry. In this case, Stratamed should be reapplied whenever the wound dressing is changed.

    • RealSelf tips:

    • If Stratamed takes longer than six minutes to dry on your skin, you’ve most likely applied it too thick. Use a tissue to lightly wipe away excess gel, making sure not to pull or tug on the sutures or wound, then wait for the remainder to dry.

    • For additional soothing benefits, keep Stratamed in the fridge for a cooling effect when applied.

    • Once the wound has fully healed, you can continue your care by using Stratpharma Strataderm to help prevent keloid (firm, smooth growth) and hypertrophic (thick, raised) scars.

  • Full ingredients list:

    Polysiloxanes, siloxane resin