Take CareTM Daily Antioxidant Red Tea Serum

A lightweight antioxidant serum that offers additional protection from skin-damaging free radicals caused by exposure to things such as sun and pollution


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    This fast-absorbing serum combines several different antioxidants and is a good choice for both addressing and preventing a laundry list of different skin issues, ranging from inflammation and redness to fine lines. The hyaluronic acid in the formula also makes it a great lightweight hydrator, and it’s safe for all skin types.

    Treats these skin concerns:
    • dullness
    • hyperpigmentation
    • fine lines and wrinkles
    • sun damage
    • redness
    Ideal for these skin types:
    • normal
    • dry
    • oily
    • combination
    • sensitive
    • mature
    • acne-prone

    ragrance-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free

    Suitable for these skin tones:
    Fair Type I
    Light Type II
    Medium Type III
    Tan Type IV
    Brown Type V
    Deep Type VI

    Learn more about how we use the Fitzpatrick scale

    • Topical antioxidants are one of the most effective options for preventing free radical damage caused by exposure to environmental factors such as sun and pollution as well as lifestyle factors such as stress and smoking.
    • A.M./P.M.

    Use in the morning and/or at night. Apply two to three drops in the palm of your hand then gently press into your face with your fingertips. Follow with your moisturizer of choice and sunscreen (in the morning).

    • RealSelf tips:

    • Layering an antioxidant serum under sunscreen adds a second line of defense for your skin, helping to ward off damaging free radicals that can cause everything from wrinkles to spots

    • Antioxidant serum is an excellent product to use every morning and is also good applied at night, when it can work to undo any damage incurred during the day.

      Don’t forget the skin below your chin. Apply this serum (and your sunscreen) to your neck and chest to keep them looking youthful.

  • Full ingredients list:

    Purified Water (Aqua), Hyaluronic Acid, Aspalathus Linearis (Red Tea) Extract, Lycopene (Tomato Paste) Extract, Ipomoea Batatas Root (Sweet Potato) Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin