Provider Skin-Care Spotlight

The science of skin care is complicated, but your skin-care routine doesn’t need to be. Here, we ask the experts which products they turn to for their top concerns—and why. Go ahead, steal their favorite formulas for yourself.

Meet Dr. Heather D. Rogers

The cofounder and medical director of Modern Dermatology in Seattle, Dr. Rogers is a dermatologic surgeon specializing in Mohs surgery, laser treatments, and injectables. She founded her skin-care line, Doctor Rogers Restore, around the hero Healing Balm and has since expanded it to include a range of everyday essentials for even the most sensitive skin.

When she’s out of the office, Dr. Rogers likes to de-stress with a gin and tonic, a rowdy Peloton ride, and family time on Guemes Island.

Q&A with Dr. Rogers

What’s your favorite procedure?

The CO2 laser works better than anything else out there—I love it for others, and I love it for myself! I use it on patients with sensitive skin every week. However, I have to make sure I pick the correct settings, set the appropriate expectations, and give post-care instructions.”

What’s your must-have post-procedure product?

  • Healing Balm. It can be used for all skin ailments—from sunburns to eczema—and it’s made from only three food-grade ingredients.”

What’s your best advice for sensitive skin?

“Sensitive skin is sensitive because it’s better at absorbing chemicals, so less is more. That means no fragrance, no dyes, no essential oils, no polyethylene glycol [PEG], and no parabens.”

What’s your beauty philosophy?

“Make sure your daily basics help your skin, not hurt it. That’s why I made Doctor Rogers Restore. Wear zinc-based sunscreen every day and use antioxidant serums and retinol. Routine, small steps make a huge difference in preserving your skin—and then you don’t have to do something drastic.”

Featured Products

Dr. Rogers shares what's in her shopping cart

Doctor Rogers RESTORE Face Wash


“This removes the day's grime in one step—without stripping the skin and without ingredients like parabens and polyethylene glycol [PEG], making it safe for healing irritated skin.”

Doctor Rogers RESTORE Face Cream


“I made this product for myself. It’s thick and rich, with luxury plant-based ingredients that match our skin's natural oils. The result is a remarkably hydrating and calming cream for dry, sensitive face, neck, and eyelid skin.”

BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner


“This well-formulated antioxidant serum protects the skin from pollution and sun damage while correcting past mistakes! Use on bare skin in the A.M., before applying your moisturizer and zinc-based sunscreen.”

Skinuva Scar


“This silicone-based treatment contains growth factors that promote the production of collagen, for more subtle scars.”

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